Case Studies

More space in a small garden

We were asked to move fencing and take out some of the driveway to create as much space in this small garden for the clients to enjoy.​

Blend in with old house

Our clients asked us to create something to blend with their old house, in a courtyard style. The design has been created by Hemingford Garden Design. We think it works perfectly.

Re-landscape a tired garden

We were asked to re-landscape an old tired garden. Our client wanted something modern with an accent on entertaining and relaxation. We think it’s turned out rather nicely!

Easy to manage garden

Our clients were looking for an easier to maintain garden for the future where both sun and shade were available. Our designer created the plan for this result. The client was incredibly happy.

Wildlife pond, fire & BBQ

Our client spent quite a bit of time in New Zealand in the past and loved the outdoor life there. He therefore asked us to create a wildlife pond beside which he could sit, have a fire and barbecue in the same area. Here is the result, nice and modern but inviting too.

Front garden & drive


We were asked to re-design a new front garden, featuring seasonal plants and replacing the old hedge with an attractive new one; we needed to increase the width of the driveway and re-lay with tegular paving, this is the result.

Re-design garden and build new patio

We were asked to re-landscape our client's tired rear garden to create more interest. We put in a new patio, a seating area and shaped edged lawns: this is the result.

Re-landscape after building work

Our client’ in Alconbury had a large extension done to their home and as usual, the builders wrecked the garden.

We were asked to re-landscape it to give it a nice fresh appeal and useful vegetable growing area as well as somewhere to entertain

Modern new build garden

We were asked to landscape a new build in St Neots, a nice big blank canvas. Our clients had modern tastes and liked the unusual so this is what we did!

Garden in Godmanchester

A recent project for a client in Godmanchester, they asked for something low maintenance and contemporary.

Contemporary feel for new house


Our clients in Ramsey wanted a contemporary feel for their new-build bungalow.

A complete change for 2 keen gardeners


Our clients in the Huntingdon area were looking to have a complete change in their garden which is very important to them. They are keen gardeners and enjoy growing everything themselves. It has turned out beautifully! All areas are now ready to be enjoyed.

A more interesting garden


Our client in Godmanchester wanted a more modern and interesting garden. Here it is: contemporary yet with character and colour but easy to maintain.​

Large shaped patio in sandstone paving

Our clients had a dreary old decking area which didn't flatter their garden and they hated it. We therefore created a large shaped patio in sandstone paving. We added a lovely water feature and some upright sleepers for the lighting and voila!

Staff seating area

We were asked to create a staff seating area on a local industrial site.  

Here’s the end result! 

A large, very deep south facing garden


We erected a pergola for shading, a new driveway using tegular paving and lots of help from the Mascot!

A large traditional garden


We were asked to create a low maintenance garden featuring a circular seating area and minimal planting - easy to look after.

Cottage garden

Our clients had a cottage garden that had become a tad tired and they had also acquired grandchildren.

They asked us to create something that was safer for little ones and looked nice and fresh.

Landscaped small garden

Our client in Brampton has a small garden with decking that took up too much space. We landscaped it to maximise his space and this is how it turned out.

Modern patio

Our clients from Buckden had quite a mess left behind from builders so asked us to create a modern patio area for them. They are delighted with the result.

Garden transformation in St Ives

A complete transformation in this St Ives garden. We left just the smallest amount of grass for low maintenance and lay a modern, stylish patio and walkway.

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